Dear visitor, we inform you that the access and / or use of the site or any material contained therein on www.hode79.com (hereinafter the “Site”) is subject to the respect of these terms and conditions.

A. What is Hode79.com

Hode79.com is an online gallery where works by hode79 or selected designers are displayed and printed at the customer’s request. In some cases, limited edition design objects will also be present.

B. Can I browse the catalog without buying it?

Hode79 allows visitors to browse artwork. You can browse the artwork, but you are not allowed to save, print, duplicate images without violating the copyright and copyright of authors and hode79. Only search and view images are allowed; So browse our catalog freely and buy the product you like. In legal terms all the content on the site is owned by hode79 and the authors and all images are copyrighted.

C. Can I Share Products on Social and Blogging?

Compared to the unauthorized use of images, you can share hode79’s link on social and blogs, as long as the source is always clear. You can obviously comment or criticize our products and content, as long as you do not use words and behaviors that violate the rights and dignity of the authors, hode79, any third parties, or who are in violation of legal obligations.

D. How can I buy the works?

Hode79 allows the purchase of artistic material, which will be printed on the personalized support chosen by the user and delivered to the address indicated at the time of purchase, which implies acceptance of the conditions of sale. They can buy only natural persons; Sales to professionals and companies are not permitted (and bill issuance) and sale for commercial purposes. Hode79 therefore reserves the right to limit the number of works that can be purchased by every single user.

E. Privacy

To know your privacy rights, please visit the appropriate section of the site.

F. Mark

Hode79 is the sole owner of the HODE 79 brand and the trademarks, logos and images on the site. If you want to play our logos please contact us to evaluate your request.

G. Content Warranty

Hode79 provides the users with the site and images as provided by the authors and is not offered any warranty regarding any image, site, accuracy of information or any other rights or licenses included in this agreement including any implied warranties Merchantability or convenience for a particular purpose, or breach, or that the site and any service will be uninterrupted or free of errors. Except for liability under the law, neither Hode79 nor its affiliates or members may be liable for you or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising from the use of images.

H. Updating rules

The rules may change or update over time to ensure better service.