Let yourself be inspired by this adventure called Hode79.

Here you will find ideas and inspirations to give color and shape to your surroundings; Our products will make your daily adventures and experiences tangible.

Our vision brings us to creating and discovering high quality and impressive objects that will satisfy your desire for innovation, fun and elegance.

In Hode79 you will find Art Prints, Interior Design and Homedecor objects.

Art Prints are designed by a team of Italian creators and produced in Italy with high quality hand-crafted papers and canvases.

Interior Design objects are created by Italian designers and artists, and limited range products in Italy, guaranteeing the exclusivity and quality of the items.

In our catalog you will also find a lot of homemade products designed by our team of creators, and made with certified ecological and non-toxic technologies, ideal for home and professional environments such as chambers, nurseries, nurseries, offices, offices.

Go back and visit us often to find out the limited series or unique pieces that will be available periodically.